Award season is over!

Every year, hundreds of businesses get nominated for awards that build credibility, raise awareness, and celebrate the awesome ideas entrepreneurs all over the world have. This year, we applied for the Wales Start-Up Awards and the Monmouthshire Business Awards, and we were fortunate enough to get nominated for 3 awards over-all, which we were over the moon about!

Initially, the thought of a ‘Business Awards’ scared me [Emily], but that was mainly down to the fact that some of them are black tie  events (I’m really not good at black tie)… but we had the best time at both awards!


Wales Start-Up Awards

It was our first time being nominated for a Wales Start-Up award, and we were super happy because this award ceremony stands for everything we do! They have a super liberal ethos, and we had one of the best nights out we’ve had in ages, as well as taking home a Highly Commended Award, which was absolutely amazing. We also learnt a lot of about the awesomely innovative businesses that are being created all over Wales, and it was a really inspirational night. The next morning wasn’t quite as good – we didn’t feel the best!

Monmouthshire Business Awards

We were nominated for a Monmouth Business Award back in 2017, and sadly didn’t manage to take home an award. The awards are held in the Celtic Manner (which usually scares me a little bit purely because I have a secret fear of high heels), but this year, I faced my fears and had another amazing night! We met loads of inspiring entrepreneurs, and celebrated many people’s successes over red wine and a very posh meal. I think I actually like black tie events now – so thanks for that, Monmouth Business Awards! The night was run by an amazing group of really passionate people, and it’s always a pleasure to be surrounded by them.

We also pleasantly found out that Coleg Gwent sponsored the Young Entrepreneur Award, which meant a lot to me! I went to Coleg Gwent almost 10 years ago, and it’s always had a special place in my heart, purely because it was where my love and curiosity for design and marketing sparked. I had an amazing group of tutors in Crosskeys College who continued to inspire me and fill me with knowledge on a daily basis! So finding out the award was sponsored by Coleg Gwent was a bonus.

So we’re now an award-winning business!

After 3 years of hard work, taking home these awards was a great way to show that we’ve managed to achieve some of the things we set out to! Not only that, we got to celebrate innovative businesses all over the country, and we’re already looking forward to next years award season.