One of the ‘coolest’ jobs we’ve ever worked on was creating a full logo and branding identity for a company who takes people to Mount Everest base camp – something some people only dream of doing. The whole idea of this business thrilled us. After all, imagining a logo you’ve designed on Mt. Everest is pretty cool.

Andy, from EverTrek, a passionate hiker/climber himself, approached us wanting a complete change. In fact, when we first met Andy, his business was called Bucket List Adventures. He knew he wanted a change, but was unsure what the best route to take was. He spoke through his ideas and thoughts with us, and showed us a list of names that he had come up with, unsure which one worked best. When we saw ‘EverTrek’ written down, ideas instantly flooded to our brains. Andy just needed a bit of encouragement to know that EverTrek was the right name for his business, and we fully gave him that.

After an hour of learning about Andy, looking through numerous images that he had prepared for our meeting and trolling through a load of Pinterest boards, we were eager to get started on the logo design. We came up with a range of ideas, materialising into two concepts for Andy to choose from – complete with logos, icons, colour schemes, all visualised onto business cards, website designs, roller banners and more. We wanted to really paint a picture for Andy, so showing a single logo is never enough.

After creating two concepts to choose from, Andy was fully sure which one he was happy with. We sent over the documents, and got an almost instant response…

“That’s the company right there. Fricking love it! Honestly a top top job. Feel a little emotional looking at it to be honest as it’s completely the right feeling! Sorry to get all mushy, haha.”

Not only did we manage to please Andy, and create something he was proud of, but we also managed to speak to EverTreks audience in a successful way. A year later, and hundreds of people own EverTrek T-shirts after venturing up to base camp, proudly holding Andy’s logo on the tallest mountain in the world. Projects like these are what make us such passionate designers, and hearing feedback like that drives us to keep on creating work we love.

“We used Studio Hicks after some great recommendations for our company re-branding. I have to say that they were amazing! Our first meeting was all about what we wanted from our branding and new logo. Emily had an immense spark of creativity that our company needed to take our vision and make it a reality. We have received numerous thumbs up from our new and existing clients about the new logo and branding which 200% suits our adventure travel business. If you need someone to come up with a new logo idea, new branding or just need a creative mind in your business, don’t look any further” – Andy, EverTrek

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