We worked with Into The Ark to help them achieve their creative vision by building them a logo and branding identity that they were proud of. When the band approached us in early 2017, they had just won second place on The Voice and their management decided they needed to follow up their success with a rebrand.

I’ve [Emily] known the band personally for years – I went to school with Taylor, and I regularly skate with Dane – so working with them was informal, but in the best possible way. Immediately, we organised a meeting, and instantly became excited. With ease, we bounced ideas off each other and discussed their favourite types of artwork, typography and music, whilst listening to their unreleased songs in the background for further inspiration.

I wasn’t surprised that the meeting was informal – we’d done work with them for their 2016 single ‘My Ghost’ – and actually ended up designing a lot of the artwork in the company of both Taylor and Dane. This is something we wouldn’t usually do, as it can be a time-consuming process, but designing for artists is very different to designing for businesses. The process of creating artwork for the music industry can be slightly less strategic, and more of a creative art form of expression. The primary aim is to reflect characteristics of the song (or album) through visual design. Being in the company of the artists themselves gave us a chance to get their creative input, which is invaluable when creating art to represent their art.

Our meeting concluded with wanting a classic design with soulful elements, to reflect Into The Arks music. We worked with a variety of serif typefaces to achieve something memorable and timeless, and both the boys and their management team were over the moon with the results.

We provided a digital folder full of assets to use when their team are designing – including brand guidelines, fonts and social media assets. Our brand has proudly been worn by thousands of fans, after being sold all over the world, including at Tom Jones’ UK and American tour, where the boys supported them in a huge amount of venues.

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