After starting up in 2016, we’ve been working towards getting our very own studio – we had a vision of a creating a space to build a team of creatives and expand our services and skillsets. We wanted a place we could feel fully creative, a ‘work home’ that we could call our own, and so we made the decision to spend some time looking for a brand new studio.

After a fair bit of research, and a lot of office-visits, we decided on a studio in the heart of the valleys – a place that we were allowed to do whatever we wanted with. The use of italics implies that we did something crazy, like installed an office slide or something equally as ‘Googlesque’, but what we really mean is we were fully in control of the colour scheme and style of our studio, in every way/shape/form. To a bunch of designers, this is the most exciting prospect ever.

After hours of planning, organising and plant-buying, we finally finished our creative space and we’re pretty proud of the results! We even considered adding interior design to our services (not really). However, our studio didn’t always look this way – we spent a good month being handy-(wo)men; building IKEA furniture, laying out tiles, and over-thinking about the placement of an excessive amount of vegetation.

Complete with a bookshelf full of the most beautiful design books, and a magazine rack full of work we’ve created and are super proud of, our studio is up and running. We decided that the cherry-on-top was a mustard Chesterfield sofa, for obvious reasons.

All jokes aside, the birth of the first studio has been a milestone for us. We’re grateful for every client who has trusted us with their business-baby – without them, we wouldn’t be able to do this in the way we have. The studio really is more than just a beautiful creative space – it’s a place where we’ll be collaborating and working with an amazing team of designers, copywriters and developers – ultimately, to create design solutions that can change people’s lives.

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