Multi-award winning creative design agency based near Cardiff. Multi-award winning creative design agency based near Cardiff. Multi-award winning creative design agency based near Cardiff.
Multi-award winning creative design agency based near Cardiff. Multi-award winning creative design agency based near Cardiff. Multi-award winning creative design agency based near Cardiff.

The Welsh Music Awards

We had pleasure of attending the Welsh Music Prize courtesy of our friend James Minas (from Noise Culture). What an evening. We felt extremely proud to be Welsh that night, watching performances from so many different Welsh acts. From the melodic and calm Half Happy, to the inspiring and uplifting Mace The Great, to the […]

South Wales Wales Business Awards 2023

Emily from Studio Hicks won the Young Entrepreneur 2023 award at the South Wales Business Awards.

Although it’s not quite over yet, 2023 has been a really great year for us. We’ve built relationships with some of our favourite clients yet, and worked on some of the projects we’re most of, but the cherry on top had to be taking home an award for the South Wales Business Awards 2023. Founder […]

What it’s like being a female graphic designer / business owner…

Design and Branding Agency in Cardiff | Studio Hicks

Hi! I’m Emily, the founder of STUDIO HICKS, which I started up in late 2016. Starting off my career as a female graphic designer, and growing into a business owner, creative director and more. I absolutely adore the freedom and creative control that come with running my own business. There’s this incredible feeling of “the […]

Designing for different platforms: Why responsive design matters

The Centre for Entrepreneurship branding identity shown on an iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch, using the steel blue colour throughout the entire image by Graphic design agency Cardiff.

We’re STUDIO HICKS, a graphic design agency based in Cardiff, and we’re passionate about the importance of responsive design.  It can be a pain designing for so many different platforms, it’s absolutely crucial to give your design the impact and clarity it deserves. Today we’re diving into the world of designing for different platforms and […]

Is logo and branding really that important?

An image of a picnic with the text "Why is branding so important?" written in large writing. This has no logo, based in Cardiff.

If you’re new here, hi! We’re STUDIO HICKS, a Cardiff logo and branding agency, and today we’re going to tell you why branding is so important, and what you can do to improve your branding awareness, branding identity and knowledge on branding. You may be wondering, “What’s the big deal about logo and branding design?” […]

We’re officially award winners!

Emily accepting her Wales StartUp Award in 2019.

The Wales Startup Awards It was our first time being nominated for a Wales Start-Up award, and we were super happy because this award ceremony stands for everything we do! They have a super liberal ethos, and we had one of the best nights out we’ve had in ages, as well as taking home a […]

Our journey with EverTrek

EverTrek landing page shown on mobile phone - a picture of Mount Everest with the EverTrek logo on top.

One of the ‘coolest’ jobs we’ve ever worked on was creating a full logo and branding identity for a company who takes people to Mount Everest base camp – something some people only dream of doing. The whole idea of this business thrilled us. After all, imagining a logo you’ve designed on Mt. Everest is […]

WalesOnline: 35 Under 35

WalesOnline 35 Under 35 2019 logo

As a branding agency near Cardiff, making it onto WalesOnline 35 Under 35 list was a huge achievement for founder Emily. After the birth of Studio Hicks in 2016, it’s amazing to look back at the growth we’ve made. Making that list has definitely been a milestone for us – just in time for our […]

Our new studio

Photograph of two boys and one girl working in the studio together, all on computers/laptops.

After starting up in 2016, we’ve been working towards getting our very own studio – we had a vision of a creating a space to build a team of creatives and expand our services and skillsets. We wanted a place we could feel fully creative, a ‘work home’ that we could call our own, and […]